Liebherr LR 1600/2 v1.0.0.0

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Farming Simulator 22
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This is the initial release for the Liebherr LR 1600/2 for Farming Simulator 22.

Known issues:

-it will slowly rotate as you add more components and weight to it.

- If you put too much weight on any hook, the top where it attaches will start to wobble.  Just detach the load, and attach a bigger, heavier hook for now.  This is due to FS physics that are based on the mass of a component and not the material properties.

If you have issues, please chat with me in this thread on facebook:

Some of the Features:


-Standard and -W version

-realistic assembled

-realistic self assembly

-IC controlled cab transport/raise for hook visibility

-working assembly supports

-attachable tracks (for self assembly version)

-attachable ballast supports

-attachable ballast

-liftable by crane

-configurable colors (superstructure, track frame, etc)

-addable mechanical stabilizer legs

D lattice

-configurable colors (base/end, middle sections

-configurable length (30m or 36m)

-unfold to show selected boom

Main Lattice

-configurable colors (base/end, WA sections, middle sections)

-configurable for lattice options (S, SL, SF, SLF, SW, SWF)

-S lattice length

-Ll lattice length

-F lattice length

-SL lattice length

-IC pulley set selection (300t, 320t, or both depending on end)

-IC setup of pull rods (support rods used to distribute lifting force)

-configurable number of lines (maybe IC, more lines the slower the hook moves)

-unfold to show boom that was selected


-configurable colors

-configurable for self assembly or assembled

-configurable weight

-configurable number of lines (must match crane boom)

-lift straps



-Individual 10t ballast

-pirchasable ballast sets (crawler section, superstructure, derrick, ballast wagon)

-configurable colors (main and secondary)


-attach to each other

Derrick Ballast Frame

-configurable color

-detachable center section for variable ballast

-foldable for transport

Ballast Wagon

-assembled or self assembled

-configurable color (wheels, main)


-variable radius

-rotating wheel sections

-Lift/lower stabilizer legs




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