Krone EasyCut Pack

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KRONE EasyCut Pack consisting of the front mower F360 CV and the rear mower combination B1000 CV Collect does not only offer a powerful triple mower combination but also the ability to collect the crop into a swath.
The mowers in combination have a maximum working width of 10,10m with the rear mowers being infinitely variable. Depending on the work mode the crop can be distributed across the whole working width or collected into a swath from both sides or only one side.
The mowers can be equipped with the optional KRONE SectionControl, this feature controls the automatic lifting and lowering of the mowers when driving over already mowed sections of the field.

EasyCut F360 CV:
Price: 23000 €
Working width: 3,6 m
Max. working speed: 22 kph
Required power: 90 hp

EasyCut B1000 CV Collect:
Price: 83000 €
Working width: 10,10 m
Max. working speed: 22 kph
Required power: 200 hp 



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