Fliegl Timber Runner Pack

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Farming Simulator 22
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The Fliegl Timber Runner Pack includes:

2A - 2 axle
3AK - 3 axle short
3A - 3 axle
3AL - 3 axle long
4A - 4 axle
3SH - 3 axle gooseneck
3SHS - 3 axle gooseneck saddle

Except for the 3AK, all have an underride guard with a choice of colour.
Various shop configurations possible.

The center of gravity of the trailer can be moved down for stabilization.
See screenshot 3.
The weight setting can be read on the left side of every 1st stanchion.
In the loaded state, the trailer tilts to the side as standard. (Level 0 empty run)
With a half-full load you would e.g. Select level 4 to prevent tipping.
Level 8 is ideal for maximum loading.
If the trailer moves while standing, the weight point should be pushed further up.

2A from: 30,000 $
3AK from: 32,000 $
3A from: 35,000 $
3AL from: 40,000 $
4A from: 48,000 $
3SH from: 50,000 $
3SHS from: 55,000 $ 



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