Modern Piggery v1.1.0.0

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I present to you a modern pigsty, it will be able to accommodate 270 pigs for the sum of 75500€ for purchase.

- modification of the food trigger which was difficult to access, you can now empty a dumpster or other in front of the crusher
- changed the number of pigs to 270 animals

Several animations are offered to you but which nevertheless, only one is obligatory it is about the one for the food...
... for the food you will have to ACTIVATE THE FEEDING SYSTEM, i.e. press the switch marked "Activate the feeding system" of course, and then go and fill the crusher which is located at side of the silo. Of course without this you will not be able to feed your pigs which between us will cause you a (financial) concern if your pigs are starving...
Then, for a little more RP you will find a switch for the heating light of the boxes, a switch for the interior and exterior light, a switch for an opening of the net because yes the mulching is done on the side where the net will open .
All the doors of the boxes open.

I spent a lot of time creating this pigsty, it's only v1.0, I ask for a little tolerance if you unfortunately have some problems. I beg you to let me know so that we can improve it all together. I await any feedback, good or bad. The criticism is not only negative.

On those I stop talking about, I wish you a good game, and a good discovery.

PS: Please respect the original DL link. 



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