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Are you in the market to produce your own farm and livestock goods? If so, the Lizard GT16502Mk2 may be right for you!

The Lizard Gecko-Tek Farm Solutions team is excited to introduce their latest in farm production technology: the GT16502Mk2 Field Products Factory.

Inspired by the acclaimed NEUERO NL16-22 silo this factory is capable of creating the following products:
* Grass => Hay
* Potato => Silage
* Grass => Silage
* Chaff => Silage
* Sugarbeet Cut => Silage
* Sugarbeet => Silage
* Straw+Water => Manure
* Hay+Silage => TMR
* Forage+Chaff+Water => TMR
* Digestate => Solid Fertilizer
* Manure => Solid Fertilizer

The GT16502Mk2 has the following storage capacities:
* Water & Forage => 880,000
* All other materials => 1,650,000

Pricing and maintenance costs:
* Price => $100,000
* Cycles Per Month => 864
* Production Costs Per Month => $120
* Daily Maintenance => $50

The two ventilators are animated when the factory is actively processing materials. The speed will vary on one of them depending on the time of day.

Contact your local licensed LIZARD dealer for more information or to schedule a product demonstration. Be sure to ask about finance options! ;) 





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