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Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: DB120 48-Row 30"
Model year: 2012
Type: Planter
Price: 345,000$
Working width: 36.5m (120ft)
Working speed: 15kph (9mph)

The John Deere DB120 was made by Bauer Built Mfg. in Paton, Iowa. Upon its release
in 2009, it is the largest production planter in the world. It has a 120
feet (36.5 m) wide tool-bar and plants 48 rows which are 30 inches (760 mm) apart.
It is estimated that the planter should sow 90 to 100 acres (0.40 km2) per hour at 5
to 5.5 miles per hour ground speed. This means that in a 12-hour day it will plant
almost two sections of land. John Deere claims that the planter is 30% more productive
than their 36 row DB90 planter. To transport such an incredibly wide implement, the DB120
folds into five sections . The planter weighs in at over 20 tons empty and almost 24 tons
when loaded with seed. The DB120 had a limited release in 2009 with orders being taken for
the 2010 season. It retailed at (US)$345,000 dollars. In 2020, the base price on the
John Deere website was over $500,000.

- Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,
- Realistic folding animations,
- Realistic speed of folding animations,
- Configurable No-Till with Row Cleaners,
- Configurable liquid Fertilizer,
- Separate, change-position particleAnimations,
- True working pressure gauges,
- Tanks Configurations,
- Wheels Configurations,
- Wheels brands Configurations,
- Work lights Configurations,
- Starfire GPS Configurations,
- Rear attachment Configurations,
- Row Cleaners Configurations,
- Wing Wheels Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer set Configurations,
- Wheels wing covers Configurations,
- Rear vacuum air blower Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer hose for liquid carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer set and Rear attachment,
- All Realistic values,
- All real placed dynamicHoses,
- Flexable dynamicHoses,
- 1:1 Realistic models and details,
- Over 1300 moveable elements,
- All proper safety Lables and decals,
- Proper 2012 model year frames and details,
- All FS19 standards,
- Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
- Wearable and Wahsable,
- Realistic lights,
- Realistic prices,
- Realistic sounds,
- Realistic particle animations,
- High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures.


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