3 PJ Trailers (40FT, 24FT & Load Trail)

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Farming Simulator 19
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Here you have three PJ trailers for Farming Simulator 19. The pack consists of the following trailers: A PJ 24FT Gooseneck, a PJ Flat Deck 40FT (also gooseneck), and one PJ Load Trail CC10.

The modding of these trailers is excellent. You have several options when it comes to usage:

The height of the gooseneck trailers can be adjusted with a mouse button.
The smallest trailer, the Load Trail, can be equipped with extended railings.
All trailers have ramps. The ramps on the goosenecks are foldable.
You can use the 24ft for ordinary transport. Or equip it with a fillable fertilizer tank. Then you can take it to your fields to refill sprayers with fertilizer or herbicide. The tanks capacity is 10,500 liters.

Here are the prices:

PJ Flat Deck 40FT – cost: 15,200.
PJ 24FT Gooseneck – cost: 9,500.
PJ Load Trail CC10 – cost: 3,450.
The main modder is Blue Modding. Contributors are Kramarj (the Legend), Custom Modding, The Barn Modding, and Rambow145. They’ve all done a heck of a job. Because these PJ trailers are just perfect!


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