Trioliet Triomix S1 1200 v1.0.1

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This is a self-loading feed mixer by Trioliet. The Triomix S1 1200 can not only be filled with bales or the bucket, it can also remove silage directly from the silo or pick up straw / hay from dumped piles.

Version 1.0.1
- added an additional version of the Triomix with a ball coupling for the drawbar
(more suitable for small tractors)
- Textures of the ladder changed a little bit in color
- Hydraulic hoses adjusted a bit.
- Dirt textures changed a bit

The drawbar is height adjustable and can be adjusted depending on the tractor size in height.
You can buy the Triomix with drawbar eye or ball coupling for the drawbar.
It is recommended to use a medium sized tractor.
The receiving flap and the punching knife can be adjusted separately in height and in angle.
This ensures optimal feed intake.
The Abkippseite the feed mixer can be changed as desired between left and right.
It has dynamicHoses, a working light and an external display for the filling weight.
The Triomix comes with a wide tire and terrarium selection and has two color options (red & black).
In addition, you can choose between two punching knife variants.
(Food leftovers can also be taken directly from the stable floor)

Technical specifications:
- Volume of 12000L
- Length 5.2m / width 2.65m / height 3.09
- Withdrawal height 3,7m
- Empty weight 6365 kg
- Weight filled about 10800kg
- required PTO power 60kw / 82PS

1.) Drive backwards to the pile / silo
2.) Lower the bunker and lift the punching knife
3.) Before you can take the respective feed, you have to turn ON the feed mixer (safety function).
4.) Slowly lower the punching knife to ensure accurate feed dosing. 



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