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MOD RELEASE * UPDATED 2019-08-23 ( READ ALL BEFORE DOWNLOADING THANK YOU ) ITS HERE !!! my first vehicle conversion. The IH 66 series. Full conversion from FS17 I gotta thank Oldiron1214 for releasing this mod in fs17 and making it public for us to enjoy in that game, and so I could convert it to fs19 for us all to enjoy here now. I have to give a HUGE thank you to Scott Lambert for all his help he gave me in getting this tractor working and for all the help he gave me as well as teaching me a lot so I could add the front loader to this tractor as well, since it didn’t have the loader in FS17. Again thank you for pointing out the silly times I messed up the open or closing tag in the xml. hahaha PS. it won’t be the last time hahaha Thanks to Michael Friest over at Rooster Mods for making the static lights on the tractor. He did an amazing job getting them to match my real lights I had on the tractor already. they looks 1000 times better then the old FS17 coronas that i had on it in the start Thank you. Thanks to Jeff Barkhouse for doing some testing on this tractor to help me find problems that I may have missed during the conversion. Thank you guys for all your help and thank you everyone in this group that has helped me with any questions I had posted to the group. I appreciate any and all help I received from you. LOTS of Options OK enough thanks. Everyone enjoy the mod and please remember to share. Please keep this link so I can see how many downloads it has gotten thank you. *NEW Textures 2019-08-23*


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