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Assembling the best tractors JOHN DEERE

Power: 290 - 505 hp
Price: € 299,000 - € 385,495
Speed: 50 km / h
- Mitas and Nokian tires added
- added black selection for discs
- added multiplayer support
- Changed / updated body color
- changed / updated rim color
- added chip tuning option
- includes PickUp 1800 with matching color

6R, 7R and 8R Modification of Bonecrusher6
- Hauer FL console installed
- FL console by choice of standard or Hauer
- Hauer XB190 is adapted and integrated into the package.
- JD counterweights integrated into the package (with color matching tractors)
- fixed journal errors related to vehicle type
- Choice of primary color (green, graphite gray and black) and rim (yellow, graphite gray, black and silver rim)
- other universal lights on all tractors
- Configuration of the terminal with built-in (partially lit, like a screen in tractors)
- all 3 tractors are now in 2 versions in the store (with yellow or black hubs)
- Wheel nuts are grayish now
- sign of the 50s on all tractors + radio and handrails for terminals
- JD wheel loader (with color choice), included in the kit, due to the choice of tractor color
- Identification according to engine configuration
- The camera position is adjusted in the cockpit (still as 'Seatcam')
  Functions: 6R, 7R and 8R
- the inner chamber is mounted on the seat, the cabin now makes movements with the seat
- The camera position is slightly adjusted, but affects everyone differently, due to the field of view settings together
- slightly extended wear intervals
- License plate set
- Configurable parts (deer on the hood, interior trim or both)
- Choice of rim color yellow or black
> Hubs had to be made black as a compromise, since no choice of color or adaptation to the corresponding color of the wheel is possible for them, at least for the time being no possibilities have been found for this.
- the sound of the signal has changed
6R: 2 new engine config + various additional radconfigs

3) JOHN DEERE 6M V2.0.0.0
- Screen adapted
- new license plate holder at the back
- set the handle on the steering wheel
- radio installed
- The toolbar on the front loader is black
- Installed front hydraulics
- installed round lights
- Optional Michelin and Mita's tires
- Starfire with screen customizable.
- Fixed bugs giants!
- 2 lamps added above
- 6175M, 6195M has been added.
4) JOHN DEERE 8130 - 8530 V1.1
Release from modder from Sweden
Michelin Tires, Trelleborg, Firestone800 og Goodyear Wheelchoise
engine using org. credentials and two additional options
added another dashboard from 8r
Shifts gears automatically with sound.

All mods checked the log is clean
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