John Deere Equipment Pack

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Farming Simulator 19
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JD equipment pack, be sure to UNZIP this file

John Deere 4640, we took this previously released 4640 and made it just a little better, we have added static lighting, new sounds, fixed almost all if not all errors, added dirt, rain cap exhaust, and various other scripting issues with attacher joints and such.
John Deere 568, converted over from FS17, now produces big bales through a lua script, also added static lighting, dust particles, dirt and all animations work correctly.
John Deere mower set, converted from FS17, all animations work properly, and added static lighting.

Expendables Modding
-John Deere 4640: Knagsted, Tyson McCrary, Steenkamp Modding
-John Deere 568: Poly/Bradley
-John Deere mower set: KMN Modding/Vnsfdg2/Zombek


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