KRAZ-255B V1.3.1.0

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Farming Simulator 19
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Reconstruction of a Laptezhnik tractor under FS19 with partial revision.

- The collision zone was changed so that Kraz could overcome higher obstacles (calculated for hemp and tree trunks lying on the ground).

- Significantly increased travel and reduced stiffness: Kraz sags under load and plays on the topography wonderful wheels.

- Some textures and models have been updated (at least).

- Available choice of primary color, color design and one of the discs.

- There are 2 engines to choose from: authentic YMZ-238 for 240 powers and its modern modification YMZ-6585-04 for 420 powers (believe me, no longer needed, lugging 1962 Nm in every situation).

- 3 types of wheels: Road (though who needs them?) + Boggers with paintable wheels + Boggers with authentic wheels.

- Work lights, paying particular attention to it, the lights proved to be very realistic.

- Animated rear suspension (front is still oak).

- Tachometer + tachometer + fuel level

- dirty / washed

- The protocol is clean ...

What's new in version 1.3:

- The names of the authors of the mod have been corrected

- Tram lights started to work

- Increased coupling angle

- Fixed problem with visual posts inside authentic Bolotnikov discs

- adds dirt to the antenna and beeps

- added work lights in the cabin

- On the tidy temperature sensor and pressure sensor was life

- The work of the janitor

- Firm appearance of the instrument teachings

- replaced the gimbal model.

- At the request of the community Kraz is now available in two versions: with bows and without

- Both options have two additional options: removing the spare wheel and removing the side walls of the engine

- the passenger is bored and left us :-)

Version 1.3.1:

- Fix the fixed light source with the frame on the model


So there were no questions about the inclusion of work light:

F - close -> far -> off

Num 5 - front work

Num 6 - work at the back

This is not a bag that is not turned on in the "F" lighting, so this was deliberately done.

Credits: LEHA, Axary


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