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In this pack you will find 2 Kesla trailers 122H with crane + 122H without a crane. Chose what ever you want. It is possible to remove one of the middle bunks in shop, so the claw can more easily fit between if you have longer logs. You can also chose between having chains on the wheels or not. This Kesla trailer will fit good in most of the terrains you want to travel in. The crane is a 305T and this crane has a long reach so you can reach the logs long away from the trailer, this comes in handy in most places. The claw is Kesla ProG26 it is a strong and good claw will fit good for both big and small logs. There is no need to go out of the tractor when using the crane, you can switch to crane camera when you are in the tractor. All bunks are movable except the removable one. Drawbar follows the tractor attacher automatic, so you easily can maneuver between the stumps. Price Trailer With Crane: 19999 € Price Trailer Without Crane: 9999 € Changelog Release


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