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RSM NIVA V1.0.2.0

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Changes v 1.0.2:
Fixed unloading auger and its particle. Fixed varnings around the world and belts. Now the log is clean.

Changes v 1.0.1:
Fix pipe auger. Should help when unloading in high trailers.

Power: 145 and 155 hp The maximum speed is 22 km / h, the rear speed is 15 km / h, and the working speed is 8 km / h. Bunker - 3,000 liters. Tank - 300 l. Work light. Soiled and washed. The effect of aging.
Floating header, will not hang on bumps. Rear axle is not separate. Claims to the Giants. The price is too high for balance, since the new combine in Russia costs 38,000 Euros. Do not judge strictly! I am a converter, I'm just learning!




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