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Farming Simulator 17
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Version 2.01 Final
- deleted errors
- Textures corrected

- Directly in the store there is the choice whether to apply the front lifter or fixed weight, how much wheel configuration (narrow, weights or wide), rim colors (white or gray cream), engine configuration (145, 165, 175), Desing (flashing right or left, both or none).
- On the outside of the tractor, with the "R" key you can put / remove the mudguards; then you have the animated entry and exit, fan rotation and engine vibration, black smoke at ignition, and / or using turn on a tool
- Inside, full lighting of the dashboard, ic (doors, rear window, engine ignition, lights, rear lift, bonnet, passenger seat and sensitivity adjuster compartment, right), indoor sounds.
- With the right mouse button you can move the internal chamber on the x axis, inversor animation, key, pedals, cloche and manual accelerator, motor vibration, totally real sounds, dinamyc hoses and wipers animation when it rains.
vegueta and Big buffaloTexture: Big buffalo, NeytherScript: Neyther, Alex Rossi



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